Roll formers


The metal sheet forming equipment  shapes the metal sheet to the right profile. For each type of metal sheet profile are available a set of roll forming machines.


The list equipment is made of:

» Microribber: it carries out the specified ribbing shape on the metal sheet surface by the roll pressure;
» Roll former: deforms the metal sheet to the right profile;
» Edging roll former: deforms the edges of the metal sheet carrying out the restrined joint;
» Roof tile press: carries out roof tile panels.

Surface Microribber

Machine to carry on micro-ribbed on the metal sheet surface.

Roll former

Roll former for wall visible screw and hidden screw.

Side transfer implementation

Group of bottom roll formers with side transfer.

Platform with top roll former

Group of top roll formers.

Roof tile press

Press that performs roof tile panels.

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