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Existing plants upgrade

Auomation by Tecnip assures an optimal control of all areas of the industrial plant.

Tecnip offer high level of competence in the use of the most important environments for the development of PLC and HMI software; our technician have extensive experience on all products of Siemens Simatic and Rockwell Allen Bradley.

Pentane metering unit

The system provides a safe and accurate dosing of the hydrocarbon blowing agent, Normal or Iso Pentane, and includes:

- Closed cabin
- High pressure pump
- Mass flow meter - Electrical panel complete with safety PLC
- Infrared dedectors
- Air extraction system

Catalyst dosing unit.

Each unit can be integrated in new or existing foaming machine. The unit is designed according the specifications of the catalyst or additive required in the foam.

Metal sheet

forming equipment.