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Sandwich panels production line:

Tecnip offers turnkey plants and is a reliable partner in all the phases of the project, as technical planning, production, installation and starting process of all the machines of the sandwich panels production plant. The plant is divided into three main sections:

A. Section of metal sheet forming

1. Decoilers and loading coil car with load capacity from 5 to 15 tons
2. Decoiling area facilities: feeders, roller conveyors, Shearing machine for coil production changing and automatic joining
3. Microribbers
4. Roll former for wall panels with true or hidden fix, for roof panels and sinusoidal panels
5. Flying press for metal sheet tile panel


B. Section of the polyurethane and panel forming

1. Mixing and multicomponents dosing units in high pressure for PUR or PIR insulating foam
2. Pentane metering unit and high pressure nucleator
3. Supply bar with high pressure mixing heads. The foam can be distributed in fixed position, by transversal cross comb or by oscillating movement
4. Double belt press with shutters, variable length from 10 to 40 m, with side containment chains and heating unit
5. Flying single or double belt saw and flying disc saw


C. Section of the panel stacking

1. Vertical cooling unit for cold store panels
2. Panel tilter and stacker unloading group
3. Wrapping machine with outlet conveyor


Double belt lenght 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, 36, 41 m:

The double belt laminator is the heart of the plant, where is the formation of the panel. Thanks to the experience of Tecnip staff, the machine is at the top of the technology with reference to:
- Flatness of the shutters
- Automatic height adjustment
- Regulation of lateral containment
- Temperature control


Disc saw or band saw, single or double units for high speed lines

Supply bar with high pressure mixing head

Distribution of foam by oscillatory movements with precise control of position and speed of head, or distribution by fixed position.

Multicomponent foaming machine

Tecnip uses the best technology for the control of the flow rate, temperature and pressure of all the chemical components.

Production line of tile shaped insulated metal sheet